Jordan was born far from any of Tanzania’s famed wonders, in the quiet coastal town of Tanga. His journey initially took him from air traffic controlling to managing hotels; however, what stopped him in his tracks was a simple safari. That first wild adventure, went on to spark a line of passion for sharing Tanzania’s marvels and heritage, and ultimately, Tanzania Serengeti Adventure (TSA).Jordan Iris Selous w postcardToday, the company is managed together with his wife, Iris, and sons – known as the “Ric brothers.” Iris and Jordan’s dependability and integrity, alongside their loyal staff, have given TSA its well-regarded reputation amongst Tanzanian tour operators.Timeline TATOSince 1990, we have been an active member of both the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) and the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO). In addition, we are fully licensed with TALA, by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, to carry out tour operations.Jordan has been a council member for TATO in the mid 2000’s, which entailed advising on matters related to Tanzania’s tourism sector, and we at TSA are still proactively supportive of the association today.
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