Arusha City

The Safari Hub...

Location & History

Nestled among the lush foothills of a dormant volcano, Mount Meru, the booming city is the center
of Tanzania’s safari tourism. On a clear sunny day, the sight of Meru’s near-perfect cone rising
majestically provides an abiding scene. Not only the center of tourism but a major diplomatic hub.
It host the East African Community and International Tribunal for Rwanda. Arusha has been a crucial
city in the history of Tanzania. The official documents ceding independence to Tanganyika were
signed at Arusha in 1961. The city plays an important part in forging peace between countries.


Arusha city has two main airports, Mount Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and Arusha
Domestic Airport, the two serve as gateways to national parks and around Tanzania. The
international airport is located 50 kilometers and an hours drive from the hub due to traffic
regulations. Arusha airport is located on the outskirts is approximately 9 kilometers from city’s
center – Clock Tower.

We often use Arusha as an overnight stop before or after setting off for your adventures; it’s a
wonderful place to relax and digest all the great memories and experiences.