Lake Manyara National Park

A Flamingo Pool...

Location & History

In the 60’s, Lake Manyara was the heart of elephant and buffalo research. The studies
conducted where ti resolve human-conflict cause by elephants. Today it’s one of Tanzania’s
most dramatically  located wildlife areas. Approximately 120km form the tourism hub – Arusha
city. It is accessed through the fruitful village of Mto Wa Mbu.


The Lake

An unspoiled paradise, Lake Manyara is a beach like shallow soda lake that sits at the foot of
the Great Rift Valley’s escapement. The lake experiences intense evaporation during the dry
season leaving a salt waste land. However, during the wet season the lakes fills up perfect for
guided canoe safari.



The park is iconic for its tree-climbing lions lounging on the branches of the acacia trees. This
habit is to escape from flies and the heat or just there for the picture. You wouldn’t want to miss
this shot! By the lake’s edge, it is possible to see a wide variety of birds including pink flamingo’s.
Lake Manyara is home to thousands of flamingos drawn by the microscopic algae that they feed on.

“Time wasted at the lake is well spent”


Best times:

July and October: Game-Viewing
June to November: Bird-Viewing

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