Tarangire National Park

Africa's Shy Gem...

Location & History

A quiet park located in the Manyara region, off the main safari road Tarangire is not a park  you
don’t want to miss. It is approximately 110km away from the hub of tourism – Arusha City. It
originates from the scenic Tarangire river that meanders through the park. It is the  primary source
of fresh water for wildlife in the Tarangire ecosystem during the dry season.


Little Serengti

Located in the heart of Tarangire ,this area is a splitting image of the famous Serengeti park. From
the short grass plains to the scattered umbrella thorn acacia trees, little Serengeti’s scenery
developed as though the park was taunting its older brother.



Tarangire, the land of the elephant as it has the largest population of elephant in any park in the
northern circuit and is also home to over 550 varieties of birds including the Kori bustard – the
heaviest flying bird native to Africa.


Best times:

 June to September: Dry Season

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16-27 C
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16-27 C
16-25 C
16-25 C
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